Jedi vs. Double Bassist

My teacher, Andy Anderson (Lyric Opera of Chicago, Grant Park Orchestra, Chicago College of Performing Arts) once compared his years spent studying with Stuart Sankey to studying with Yoda…

I found this to be hilarious, and it got me thinking of all the different parallels between the life we lead as classical double bassists compared to that of Jedi.
Check it out…
1.) Your garden variety Jedi spends their childhood through early adulthood years studying with a Jedi ‘Master’. Double bassists spend the same amount of time studying with different double bass ‘Masters’.
2.) The light saber to the Jedi is like the bow to the double bassist. Jedi spend a great deal of their life learning ‘saber techniques’ and classical double bassists spend years learning spicatto.
3.) The Jedi lives a life of restraint; they cannot marry, or have any kind of romantic association with the opposite sex. Double bassists spend much of their years locked away in a practice room, and in many cases have very little contact with the opposite sex (Or maybe thats just my own unfortunate experience).
4.) The Jedi Order have their own version of virtuosi (Yoda and Obi-Wan), so do double bassists (Edgar Meyer and Gary Karr).
5.) The Jedi have the Jedi Temple as a place to hang out and talk shop, double bassists have the ISB convention.
I could keep going, but I think I’ve made my point. Seeing these parallels sparked the idea for the title of the blog. It’s definitely geeky, but fun, and not too much of a stretched comparison. I think of myself as someone who is in the ‘Padawan’ stage of life, learning everything I possibly can about the art of double bass playing.

~ by benjamin86 on November 20, 2007.

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