Hey, everyone who reads this. Not that my blog is anywhere in the universe of a ‘widely read’ blog, but I thought I’d explain why things have been a bit quiet on the post front lately. Really, it comes down to 3 reasons:

1.) School-This is my last semester at COD (yay! and I hope!), and I’m wrapping my associates degree. Nothing too radical or surprising, really.

2.) Practice-Can’t leave home without doing it! Literally. I’m starting new rep. with my teacher and keeping old rep. under my fingers for my next audition.

3.) Auditions!-My DePaul audition is a week from Saturday. So, all of my focus and energy is being directed towards that.

Jason Heath put out a great post a week ago called ‘You can’t force writing…or can you ?‘ which I totally related to. As I’ve said before in previous posts, I’m a frequenter of Barnes and Noble’s, Borders and Panera’s in my area. I really love going to these places to write. People watching is a highly interesting, mildly inspiring way of triggering or unlocking certain ideas you want to express. I don’t advocate staring at people because that’s creepy and I’ve seen people at these places that do that, but being surrounded by activity and conversation helps the creative process, at least for me. I’m putting a block on my blog writing at the moment because it’s such an enjoyable, satisfying, and time-killing beast. Many, many times in the past 2-3 months, I’ve gone to a cafe’ with the intention of doing (only!) homework, and then (only!) ending up with a decent, half-written post.

Anyway. I’ll be getting back to writing, ranting, raving and being random once this last audition is over with. Thanks to anyone who reads this blog! I always appreciate comments, no matter which form they come in–threats, suggestions, phone number and picture…only kidding on the last one.


~ by benjamin86 on February 22, 2008.

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