Why No Posts?

It looks to me like the same handful of people keep checking this blog off Jason Heath’s blogroll, so, I feel like I owe these people a bit of an explanation as to why I haven’t posted anything lately, and to also give a bit of an update on bass things.

So, why no posts? To be honest, the criminal is lack of time. I really love blogging about the bass, because bass is cool like that, but putting out coherent posts that’re mildly interesting/entertaining takes creative spark, thinking and time. Alas, time is being eaten up by homework and practice. Nevertheless! I’ll get back in the game with posts very soon.

Now, a bit of news about things with me. For any of you who read my posts pertaining to my thoughts on school auditions and the subsequent things I was planning to try at those auditions, I have results! I ended up only auditioning at one school (Roosevelt University), but the audition must have gone well enough; I not only got accepted, but accepted with a wonderful scholarship plan for 4 years! It was nice to get the acceptance letter, but receiving the scholarship was a bit overwhelming and needless to say flattering. Without the scholarship, I’m willing to bet I’d be panhandling for money in front of Symphony Center, playing Bottesini with a sign saying “If you don’t like the playing, send me to the school down the street!” I don’t really feel like I deserve this scholarship, but I’m still very grateful.

A bit more news! I started another blog called …in a couple years. This blog deals with everything else that I’m interested in aside from double bass and music. I figured readers of this blog are most likely double bassists, and they really don’t care to read about whether or not I liked Juno or why I think Christianity is so wonderful, so, I started a separate blog to rant about those types of things.

Anyway. Thanks to anybody and everybody who reads this blog, and please leave comments! I think I’ve only had one comment and it’s from a girl who’s not even a double bassist!

Bassed Wishes,



~ by benjamin86 on April 16, 2008.

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